These Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes Would Crack Your Ribs (Number 3, 4, 7, 9 & 10 Go Off You, I swear)

Jokes To Crack Your Ribs

Jokes To Crack Your Ribs

These Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes Would Crack Your Ribs

These Ten (10) Short Funny Jokes Would Crack Your Ribs: You should not miss these ten (10) Short Funny Jokes, they will make you laugh crazily. This content provides you with rib splitting jokes, ribs cracker jokes, and knock knock jokes.

Trust me, these short funny jokes will make your day, and if care is not taken, they would end up cracking your ribs, you will laugh uncontrollably.

No need for too much talks, let us kick start; remember to tell me the numbers that off you the most. For me, number 3, 4, 7, 9 & 10 off me oooo…

1) Everything happens for a reason, except removing your eyebrows and drawing them back on; that has no reason. Abeg does it? Answer me jor! It does not, period!

2) My friend, your problems are small if you are still praying in English. African problems don’t understand Grammars. If you know you know.

3) Below is a discussion between an African mom and her daughter. Lol!

Child (crying): Mum, my stomach hurts
African mom: It’s because of that phone you dey press from morning till night. 10 Gbozaa for All African Moms.

4) Apart from Lizard and weed smokers, which other creatures love UNCOMPLETED BUILDINGS? Even Google doesn’t have the answer.

5) I hate it when my girlfriend says: “Bay, don’t worry, he’s just a friend”; it makes me remember when I was just a friend too. I know what I did as just a friend.

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6) Being dumped by a girl who is always asking for money is like being released from prison. In fact, it’s really a miracle; better go do Thanksgiving.

7) Oya, check out the reason a student gave for coming late to school:

Teacher: Why are late?
Student: Because of the SIGN.
Teacher: What SIGN?
Student: The one that says “School Ahead, Go Slow”.

8) So I asked you out for the dinner and you are telling me you have a boyfriend. How that one take concern me, is he hungry too? I dey hate nonsense oooo

9) So I made you guys to laugh from January to December last year, and none of you bothered to give me Christmas gift, even if it’s ordinary Range Rover Sport; eh.

10) If your boyfriend is shorter than you and he tells you this, “Babe, your hair smells nicely”; before getting excited, you need to first understand the type of hair he is talking about oooo. Lol!

Abeg, I go dey go, I will surely return soonest with another set of Short Funny Jokes right here on this site. So, stay around.

And before you go away from this post, maybe to CHECK OUT OTHER SHORT FUNNY JOKES; tell me the numbers that off you (use the comment box below).

I am still your jocular fellow, The Inspirational Parrot. See Yah!



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