Trending Story: Lady Shares How She Met Her Husband Through Facebook (Just Relax & Have Fun As You Read)

Lady Shares How She Met Her Husband Through Facebook

Lady Shares How She Met Her Husband Through Facebook

Lady Shares How She Met Her Husband Through Facebook

Lady Shares How She Met Her Husband Through Facebook: Marriage is a beautiful thing, and it becomes more beautiful when the partners truly love and understand each other. Every two lovers have a story on how they got to meet each other; and that’s the case as a lady set to walk down the aisle with her man took to Facebook to share how she met the love of her life through Facebook.

These days most people won’t believe that one can still get true love through social media platforms such as Facebook, but this particular story is a proof that such still happen; as this lady narrates in what I (The Inspirational Parrot) tag amazingly inspiring and lesson-filled story of finding the love of her life.

Before I share her own story in full, it is substantial to let you know that both of them who are from Anambra State of Nigeria had had a successful traditional wedding some weeks ago.

Also it’s worthy that you note that this is no a sponsored content; I (The Inspirational Parrot) stumbled upon the story on Facebook which was shared by a friend of the couple; and I deem it worthy been shared with more people, hence I chose this platform.

Below comes her story as shared (uncensored: kindly ignore grammatical errors) and I will be bringing in their prewedding photos in between:

How our love story began🙈

prewedding pictures

Firstly, we became friends on Facebook after a rape incident i was so overwhelmed seeing a guy fighting for the girl child I said to myself I need someone like this on my friend list. That was it, we don’t chat I just like his posts on Facebook and pass until the trending Fr Mbaka video, he was sending the part1 of the video to some persons that can’t get it via messenger and the part 2 of the video via WhatsApp. I came inbox then asked him to please send it to my WhatsApp, he did that’s how we got each others contact but we don’t chat on each of the social media platforms nor call.😂😂

But he has this habit of calling me wifey once I comment in any group that he’s also a member.( Igboist, Rant HQ) but we don’t communicate at all (I’d be like ogbeni dey your dey, no dey pursue toasters for me in my mind) 😂😂 Sometimes I’d post pictures on my wall and he would come and comment wifey as well🤣 I got tired and started calling him husbandman😒

Fast forward to 2019 I started selling oil perfume in school, I advertise mostly on my WhatsApp’s status and some Facebook groups. He will always repost it and tell people to come patronise ‘our’ business while it’s my business.😂😊☺️
I really liked that and I’ll get bumper sales🤩🥳

One day he chatted me up that he wants one for himself, I didn’t have the particular fragrance and told him I will get it for him. I finally did but he said he doesn’t have strength to come to Ifite-Awka to take the perfume, I suggested I’d come to Tempsite and give it to him, he refused😒😒

He said how much gain am I making that I want to spend transport fare to and fro to deliver the perfume🥺

It was so thoughtful of him tho, I just had to wait till something brings him down to Ifite.

One morning, he called me around 10am that I should bring the perfume for him at my junction that he wants to collect it and if he didn’t see me in like 5-10mins time he would be leaving.

That kind rush rush🤦🏼‍♀️I quickly went to the junction and gave it to him, that was our first meeting tho🙈🙈
Later he told me he liked it, I was happy💃🏼💃🏼🥳
I looked forward to more business with him.

Anytime I get my goods, I do get his fragrance and keep for him I message him that I’ve restocked, let him come and buy.😝

On 11th of June 2019 I made a post on my status “Come and buy perfume and smell nice and watch her fall for you” He quickly replied to my status “Lol, she didn’t fall oo”

I asked him to come and buy again, I bet him this time she will fall for him🤣🤣 he said “Maybe na you go fall this time”😆
I didn’t know I’d be the one, lol😆

March 5th 2020, I just came back from lectures. Weather was so hot, I posted a video of a lil baby licking ice-cream on my status with the caption “this is what I need for this weather” He messaged me immediately and asked that if I’m serious I want to lick ice-cream, he said I should call him if I’m interested😅

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prewedding pictures

My introverted self couldn’t allow me go out, I have to plan myself and mind first cause I can be very shy. I told him let’s make it a date the next day. Fast forward to 6th around 4:30pm called him and he asked me to pick a location I told him where do I even know? please I’m always indoors😂😂

Later we settled for Nourisha, I came there then called him. He came and we ordered the ice-cream😋 then we started talking, he’s a very good conversationalist so I settled for listening and smiling😅 it started getting late so I had to go😜

Two days later, on the Sunday. I just got back from church and was cooking. My phone rang and he was the one. He inquired if I want ice-cream because he’s coming to do something in Ifite so he would drop it for me, I told him yes🤩🤩

Under 15mins he’s at my lodge with the edibles😍 tagged along were Zuba and Bosco the two started teasing me😂😂 said they were going to buy palmwine at Udi, I said okay bye bye then.

Then they were like come and follow us, I said nooo I want to stay home😄
They insisted, and also said there’s no school throughout next week because of convocation. I was so shy ehh, I obliged🤭🤭 I dressed up and joined them, we started going when we got to Nachi Zuba Ono car started overheating😞 we settled in one of the shops there waiting for mechanic and also for the car to cool down, I and senator started talking real good. we didn’t get to Udi again. We went back to Awka in the evening.

Four days later, on 12th March precisely, he called me that it was his younger sister’s convocation inside unizik and he wants me to escort him. At first, I refused but after much pestering from him 🤣🤣🤣, I gave in. That was our 3rd outing.

Days rolled into weeks and I started avoiding him because I feel I was beginning to have feelings for him and I wasn’t ready for anything relationship then.🙈 We quarreled for a few days and we stopped talking. Covid19 struck and I went back to my base Onitsha. We later made up and he invited me for his birthday party on 4th April. I came, met his friends, laughed, had fun and I went back.

On 9th April, he came to Chillis Fast food in Onitsha and invited me. I came and we discussed at length. He asked me out officially 🙈🙈🙈. I couldn’t say no because I was already madly in love with him. I said yes and we officially became lovers. 8 months into our relationship, he popped up the big question “Will you marry me”? Well I will never say no because the 8 months with him was worth it. I wanted to spend eternity with him. Look where we are now,💃 Sealing it religiously on 5th April 2021😍😍😍.

prewedding pictures

It’s actually my funny love life story 🤣🤣🤣

Love is a beautiful thing, finding a true lover makes it more beautiful. Credit to Nwabueze Nwambu, Admin CampusHub, a Facebook Group from where I (The Inspirational Parrot) go this story from and decided to thrill readers of TrendsOfLegends Media with their love story as I wish them a blissful wedding and fruitul and peaceful home. PLEASE BEFORE YOU LEAVE, CHECK OUT OTHER AMAZING CONTENTS BELOW AND FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS ANYWHERE; THANKS.


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