(Video) This Is Why Some Persons No Dey Help Others Again

Why Some Persons No Dey Help Others Again

Why Some Persons No Dey Help Others Again

Why Some Persons No Dey Help Others Again

Why Some Persons No Dey Help Others Again: This video has great lesson and message as to why some persons don’t get helped by others any longer.

When someone wants to help you, don’t bring all of your life problems upon the helper.

Helping you doesn’t mean the helper is free of problems; he may consider you out of pity and decides to help you out from the much he has.

Despite what happened in this video, I (The Inspirational Parrot) still enjoin us not to quit helping others; you rather do what the helper did in the video than to use because of what the man did to make up your mind never to help people again.

Actually, we rise by helping others to rise, I still believe that through giving we are blessed to receive more; but when the person you want to help is not considerate as seen in the video, please quit helping such a person, but still have spirit of benevolence great enough to extend helping hands to others.

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Watch The Video below:

It is a 2021 Comedy Video by Skibo Comedy, you can look up for their page on Facebook and follow them for more hilarious comedy skits. Also check out MORE COMEDY VIDEOS HERE.


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