“Why Our Past Is Not Yet Gone!” – The Need For Irrelevant Old Nigerian Politicians To Quit

Why Our Past Is Not Yet Gone - The Need For Irrelevant Old Nigerian Politicians To Quit

Why Our Past Is Not Yet Gone - The Need For Irrelevant Old Nigerian Politicians To Quit

“Why Our Past Is Not Yet Gone!” – The Need For Irrelevant Old Nigerian Politicians To Quit

This is a mind-awakening article for every Nigerian, stressing the need for every irrelevant Old Nigerian Politician to quit, those old politicians whose existence in government has not made any positive impacts to Nigerian polity; and they are not worthy to be called leaders.

“Parents listen to your children; We are the leaders of tomorrow; Try to pay our School fees; And give us sound education”.

This would sound like a “song of freedom” over forty years ago in the ears and minds of school children in the 1970s.

We sang this song with an unparalleled zeal of a black slave in the colonial era looking up to a light of liberation like it was imminent.

Forty years down the line, our own children are singing this song, oblivious of the heartbreak we have and are experiencing due to the failures of our leaders who gave us this false song of hope over 4 decades ago.

Looking at the polity and governance, we see our grandfathers, those who tutored our own parents who sang this song with us. They never left!

It is still the same old set of political figurines, with the same political cognition and perception, and a reluctance to succumb to the reality of their intellectual antiquity steering the wheel our our nations politics and economy!

We have colleagues who have traversed the difficulty of excelling in their respective fields, now to become trailblazers.

We have seen the youthful class of this prestigious nation become awardees of great commendations for their exploits and achievements in various endeavours/pursuit, from Europe to Asia and America, and other parts of the continent.

We have watched and sat at discourses of the younger Nigerians only to get up with feelings of anger and devastation by the waste of ideas and innovation that would transform the economy of any nation of the earth.

Nigeria is known not to appreciate its natural resources despite the abundance we possess. The same goes for the unimaginable vastness of intelligence and strength that myriads of young Nigerians are saturated in.

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Tell me, what is the business of a 60 years plus politician in an office that should be driven by strength and innovativeness that boils in a younger man? What is his mission? Could he ever answer questions required to solve the particular problems of that sector with solutions that meet up the current times?

How long is Nigeria going to stay in the shadows of archaic figures and expect to grow? How long can we put up with the decisions coming from the minds of those who governed us from 1960s and have failed?

It is said that “only a fool does a thing the same way all the time and expects a different result”.

Let the lazy, corrupt and slack oldies who have contributed their quota in this nation whose results we are all good judges of, go and rest!

Let the stronger, sharper and younger minds hold the stakes!

Let the Revolution And social awakening Begin!!!

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