You’re A True African/Nigerian If You Have Eaten 10 Out Of These 32 Food Combos

African Food Combos

Food Combos

You’re A True African/Nigerian If You Have Eaten 10 Out Of These 32 Food Combos

You’re A True African/Nigerian If You Have Eaten 10 Out Of These 32 Food Combos: Check out these popular 32 African food combinations known well in Nigeria, West of Africa.

There are lots of food combinations (Combos) in the world, and lots of platforms have published articles on Most Famous Flavor Combos; but in this article we talked about popular African Food combos which are most popular among Nigerians from the West of Africa.

In this content we have listed more than 30 food combinations, which of them have you tried out before and have you tried up to 10 out of the 32 popular African food combinations?

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African Food Combos

Now check out the following combinations of foods in Africa, if you have eaten 10 out of the 32 combos, then you’re a true African/Nigerian. The below list of food combos centers on bread and various other foods it can be combined with.

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1) bread & water
2) bread & stew
3) bread & tea
4) bread & bean
5) bread & noodles
6) bread & butter
7) bread & akara
8) bread & ground nut
9) bread & jam
10) bread & soft drink
11) bread & fish
12) bread & rice
13) bread & mayonnaise
14) bread & pap
15) bread & custard
16) bread & meat
17) bread & beer
18) bread & wine
20) bread & juice
21) bread & zobo
22) bread & soya milk
23) bread & coconut
24) bread & avocado
26) bread & garri
27) bread & boiled egg
28) bread and fried eggs
29) bread & vegetables
30) bread & Sardine
31) bread & suya
32) bread & moimoi

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